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Silverplate & Flatware

Silverplate flatware is fast becoming the focus of attention for many collectors and households today

Casual dining to elegant dinner parties to family holiday gatherings, there are patterns for every occasion and budget to grace any table. 

Silverplate was introduced in the United States in 1847 by Rogers Bros., Hartford, Connecticut.  By 1885, a large number of silver plating companies had been established.   At that time, copper and brass were used as the base metal, whereas today, the base metal is usually nickel silver.  Several platings of silver were placed over the base metal for a beautiful, elegant and tastefully “rich” appearance.  The more silver plating, the better the quality and appearance, hence, the more expensive the pieces. 

Familiar names include Community, Oneida, 1847 Rogers, 1881 Rogers, Rogers & Bros, Wallace, Reed and Barton, International and Gorham.  These popular silver companies made their mark on this trade with individual stylized design and elegance. 

As silver prices rise, so does the value of sterling and silverplate.  The trend now is a strong demand for early, ornate pieces, complete sets, serving pieces and accessories. Prices have continued to rise steadily over the past five years.  Popular patterns are the most expensive regardless of their age because of their demand and appeal to the Buyer.        

You may become interested in collecting, completing a set, or perhaps, adding to an existing set that you may have inherited or acquired.  Place settings of various patterns are being used today in a “mix or match” setting—a fashion trend that has really caught on. This gives one an opportunity to display favorite pieces of many patterns, not to mention the interesting conversation at the dinner table! 

You may collect simply because you enjoy the beauty, elegance and quality of workmanship. The “hunt” is always intriguing for those hard to find pieces.

 At Shreveport Trading Co Antiques, we have a large selection of silverplate flatware from various manufacturers in complete sets, individual pieces, and groupings in beautiful, excellent condition.  If you are looking for a particular pattern, piece or set please contact us at or visit our mall.